Day One

After almost three months apprenticed in Puskesmas (community health care center), I’d learned many things, not just about mental health, but public health generally. I learned much about nutrition, because my community program was about “malnutrition and parenting style”. I also learned about farmacology, several illness, and also about organization system in public health center. But, most of all, I learned about “life”.

Many things happened. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Up and down like roller coaster. How to deal with person who doesn’t match with you personally. How to handle job that’s totally not yours but you have to. How to pretend that you’re okay even you ain’t. And how to do this, how to do that.

Those things made me growing up. I’ve no choice but feeling grateful because one of my life phases has been done greatly. And, now here I am in one of biggest mental hospital in Indonesia.

They said that I will learn more here.
They said that it will be really fun here.
They said that I will enjoy my days here.
Yeah, they said many good things about this place.
[Prof. Dr. Soerojo Mental Hospital, Magelang Indonesia]

But, I just can’t wait to feel it in my own adventure!

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  1. Good luck with your work at hospital yaa..Keep writing, hehe, seneng baca ceritamu 🙂


  2. hahahaha iya sayang… sama2 good luck!!! 🙂


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